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Precision casting

The main shops of the plant are: foundry ferrous castings (used alloys - AK5M2 AK7, AK9, AK12) and machine assembly shop.

Foundry produces castings of aluminum alloys by chill casting (metal mold chill casting machines for mechanized) - 80% of production; by casting in sand molds (15% by volume), and by molding under high pressure (5% volume).

Quality control of castings for the following parameters: chemical composition, mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy and integrity castings, made in three specialized industrial laboratories have passed the appropriate accreditation.

Machining shop has an extensive machine park, allowing to perform all necessary operations technologically.

Model factory shop has the ability to produce mold tooling for castings of any configuration.

Foundry capacity - 3000 tons per year.

The plant receives the orders of precision casting products weighing from 50 grams to 15 kilograms as a snap on the customer and on the snap of the plant.

According to your drawings we can produce:
- Cast iron, steel.

Methods: The current lost foam casting and molding in the ground;

Material: gray iron, ductile; carbon steel;

Maximum workpiece weight - 600 kg with the runner system.

Отливки чугунные, стальные

- Aluminum foundries:

Methods: mold casting, sand casting, and injection molding.

Maximum casting weight - up to 500 kg.


Castings may be supplied with mechanical treatment and no treatment.

Литье алюминиевый

Model factory workshop equipped with CNC machines, has the ability to produce tooling for castings and profiles a variety of configurations.


Quality control used in the production of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys factory performed spectral and physico-chemical laboratories to certified devices.


Modern painting lines plant can be applied to the aluminum profile and casting protective and decorative coatings of high quality powder coating or liquid paints and enamels.



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