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Фотогалерея светильников    Фотогалерея светильников    Фотогалерея светильников 
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Фотогалерея светильников Фотогалерея светильников

Brief description of the company in the production of lamps


Since its inception in 1897 and currently the plant has accumulated vast experience in high quality non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

In 1992, at the request of German customers, we have developed and mastered the production of a wide range of decorative landscaping lamps classic, so-called "Pushkin's style" of aluminum alloys.

Since that time, tens of thousands of lamps produced in our factory, decorated with many cities in Ukraine, Europe and the world.

In recent years, the economy of the CIS countries acquired a stable growth trend, our lamps began to use more and more popular not only in appearance but also in the domestic market.

Fixtures our factory excursions banks, offices and churches of Kiev, railway stations Kharkiv and Donetsk, Office of the National Bank of Ukraine in Donetsk region, Poltava boulevards, theater area and regional centers of squares, embankments Black Sea and the Azov coast, administrative buildings of public institutions and industrial enterprises , places of worship and temples.

Currently producing more than 30 components, of which going over 50 different configurations lamps and sconces.

Possible options are also hundreds of other assemblies.  More


A unique feature of the plant is Khartsyzsky fixtures structural ability to easily change the height from 0.5 to 4.5 meters, as well as the quantity, type, size and shape of lamps or lampshades in accordance with your wishes.  More


Painting of products made with high quality powder dyes that provide long-lasting protection against external influences.

In your choice of more than 20 kinds of glasses and lampshades.

Glazing can be done and unique stained glass windows that make your unique lamp.

The light sources used various lamps domestic and foreign manufacturers.


The company has the ability and experience in conducting design lamp on individual choice or design of the customer.



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