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About Us

    Hartsyzsky engineering plant was founded in 1897 by the German businessman Schlicht. After revolution of 1917 the plant received the name "Remrud" and performed a lot of work on restoration of the equipment on mines of Donbass. Since 1925 plant JSC Vodokanal owned. Since 1932 the plant began to specialize on release of fire-prevention fittings. In 1938 I turned into maintaining the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR and I received the name "GLAVUPO". In days of the Great Patriotic War the plant was evacuated. After liberation of Donbass in September, 1943 the enterprise is restored, and by 1946 production on it reached pre-war level.
    Capacities of the enterprise are calculated on satisfaction of needs for fire fittings of all former USSR and the countries of SEV.
    The plant has strong technical base.
    The foundry shop makes castings of black and color alloys by molding methods in the chill mold, molding in sandy forms, molding under pressure, exact molding in the vacuumized forms on the installed gas models.
    The machine-assembling shop is equipped with machine park more than 150 names, including and the unique units which are specially created for mass production of production of fire and technical appointment.
    The model shop of plant completed with system an avtomatizirovanna of design and machines with ChPU has opportunity in the shortest possible time to make any technologically necessary equipment.
    Careful quality control of raw materials and products is made in the specialized physical and chemical, spectral and test factory laboratories which passed certification in National Agency on Accreditation of Ukraine.
    Having overcome consequences of crisis of the 90th, the second decade the Hartsyzsky engineering plant dynamically develops.
    From year to year release volumes grow.
    The geography of our deliveries extends.
    New types of fire-fighting equipment accustom annually and brought to the market.
    Old production rooms and the equipment are reconstructed and modernized.Харцызский машиностроительный завод
    New shops are under construction. For their equipment - new technological lines are bought,
    New workplaces are created. Pride of plant - the dynasties working at the enterprise already in the third generation.
    More than 80 years the plant is the leader among producers of the fire and technical equipment in the CIS countries and rhythmically ships the production to hundreds of consumers located from Kaliningrad - and to Sakhalin. High quality and reliability of our fire-prevention fittings is known also in 14 countries of the "distant" abroad.
    Always and under any circumstances the plant accurately, completely and fulfills in time the obligations to consumers and customers.
    All let-out products have Certificates of conformity of Ukraine, and also the Declaration of Compliance to standards of Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation and the countries of EEP,
    In a row the country of plant there are representatives from which wholesale warehouses you can easily and without problems to acquire our production at the best prices in this market.




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