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        You produce everything, that is presented on the web site?


How to buy your products?

Nothing is easier. By yourself, or using the form on the plant site - specify which of our products you need, and in what quantities. Specify the country of the customer, address, name company, name and contact information, as well as the country of destination. Send your application to us any way you want. Within a few hours after its receipt, we will find you the most advantageous your way of purchase of this party, check with the plant equipment loading schedule at the time of your order and will be called the day of shipment, as well as make you a detailed price quote.

How to get your products?

It's easy. But everything depends on the specific circumstances of each data delivery. In consultation with you we will find the most optimal way to deliver the necessary products to you at the indicated destination. We work with almost all types of transport. By road. Avia. Rail and sea containers. Transportation Agency. Express delivery services. You can also send us your transport. The main purpose of the Plant at the organization each delivery - to make for you the final price of our products are the best on the market.

Is it possible to get a discount on your offer?

Unfortunately - No. The fact that we are designed for mass production. And initially we offer the lowest prices that can apply to your this order.

But your dealer has prices here – cheaper, than you have offered us with delivery!

To that two reasons. First, the prices of plant have direct dependence on the one-time order. Agree, it is unfair to equalize in the price of the customer who gets our production for 10 000 dollars with the one who has paid the order for 100 000 dollars. The second reason is various influence of distribution of the conditional and constant expenses falling on the shipped parties of the different sizes. And we will tell about it in more detail.

Conditional and constant expenses

Let us explain in a schematic example. Let's say you - the company, which is located over 3000 km away, and you need our products at factory prices - to $ 3, 000. When foreign economic contract to carry out the customs clearance of any party costs about $ 500 in addition to the factory price. It - registration certificate ST-1, the payment of customs brokers, and etc. Regardless of the batch. For you single party in the $ 100 000 - we will arrange it for $ 500. You need products in the $ 1 - we shall have to arrange the party for $ 500. In addition, a significant impact on the final price for the customer provide transportation costs. For example, to send to you for 3000 km with a cargo wagon is $ 3000. That is the final price for you would be: $ 3000 - the cost of the product, $ 500 - customs procedures in Ukraine, $ 3000 travel expenses, and, conditionally, $ 300 - the customs expenses cleaning of cargo at the destination. That is, the acquisition of the party of our products at factory prices at $ 3000, additional customs and transport costs amount to $ 3 800. Or 147% of the factory price. But in the same truck, going to your country, and maybe - in your city can hold products and 100 000 $. In this case, the same $ 3800 conditional and constant expenses will be at 147%, but only 3.8% premium to the factory price. It is for this reason that in most cases the representatives in your country of the plant can offer you our products at a much more reasonable price for you than for direct contract with plant.

But we still want to buy from you directly.

No problem. Please send the order. We execute and send convenient for you - any party, without restrictions.

We - the project organization. Could you provide us with information about products manufactured by you?

With pleasure. Tell us what information you provide and to what address to send it.

We need technical advice about your products.

Send your question and contact details. The specialist of our plant will surely write to you or will call.

You do not have products on the site, which we need. Can you make it?

Yes, we often make orders "according to drawings of the customer". Send drawings, approximate volume which is necessary for you also the approximate schedule of deliveries. We will discuss together.



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